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Bose Management is owned by Brad and Natasa Bose.
Brad Bose, a former professional athlete, brings 25+ years to the wellness, fitness, and athletic industries as a personal trainer.From coaching a national  championship football team in Sweden to getting Robert Downey Jr. ready for his role in the Marvel movie "Iron Man" Brad has an unprecedented diversity in the health and wellness industry.
Besides being a personal trainer Brad has owned and managed several successful gyms and was co founder of Personal Training School in Stockholm, Sweden.
In writing for Fitness magazine in Sweden, Brad had his own advice column which was hugely successful and coauthored the book "Personal Training" , a text book for educating personal trainers. He works with fitness equipment companies helping to refine and develop fitness equipment.

Natasa Bose, a Scandinavian trained cosmetologist and esthetician adds a unique outlook to wellness focusing on Skin Care and Nutrition and how it effects your life style.
Natasa's 10+ years experience includes owning and operating Swedish Skincare, an exclusive private Skincare salon in Santa Monica.
She developed her own line of skincare products and counsels people on skin health.
Bose Management provides the following services to it's clientele:
  • A Complete wellness program including Personal Training, wellness coaching, life strategies coaching.
  • Long distance wellness coaching and life strategies coaching if you are not located in Southern Ca.
  • Personal Trainer Evaluations for personal trainers that need to improve their techniques 
  • Professional gym building or Gym Quality Evaluations
  • Skincare, aesthetic treatments and skincare advice
  • A complete line of fitness equipment from an exercise ball to a vortex. this gym was designed with the personal trainer in mind
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